What is The laboratory of modern drama?

Every generation of theater goers discovers a theater for themselves. They are looking not only for timeless values, but also for the answers to the problems of contemporary society. This theater is developing with us, by trial and error. And people in the audience are equally participating in this process. Some productions they awe and it’s always a full house, some we have to eventually cancel since no one comes to watch them. This is how we establish a criterion for choosing our next production. The theater tries to pinpoint the tastes of today’s audience. If you only take the money aspect in the account, it’s easy to spiral down in a rut, where creativity is not a priority, to destroy the fundamental principle of the theater and eventually find yourself in a vicious circle. Artists are bored by making audience-proof productions all the time. To create something new, you should move on, experiment, be one step ahead of the audience. You need to challenge yourself to difficult tasks. Our Laboratory provides you with such opportunity.

Here we gather everybody who is involved in a production process – playwrights, directors and actors. All of them have their own vision of the theater. A playwright thinks behind the scenes, in his imagination, according to his own rules. A director comes up with his own interpretation of the story. Actors embody the characters, give them flesh and voice. These are the secret features of every "play well-made".